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The Post Office in Helvetia, WV is located in Kultur Haus Helvetia. The first postmaster was appointed in 1872 and the post office has been in the current location since it was built in the late 1940s. It was likely housed in the older part of the building for many years before this. A wall from the older Post Office, including the post office boxes with the names of the users, remains in the back of Kultur Haus Helvetia.

The Helvetia Post Office provides a broad range of services to the public including:

  • Stamps
  • Parcel Post Mail
  • Parcel Mailing with Delivery Confirmation,
    Signature Confirmation, and Insurance
  • Priority Mail with All Sizes of Free Mailing
    Containers (Boxes and Envelopes)
  • Express Mail
  • Certified Mail
  • Registered Mail
  • International Mail
  • Media Mail
  • Collect On Delivery Mail
  • Return Receipt
  • Certificate of Mailing
  • Post Office Boxes (for Security)
  • Money Orders
  • Ready Post Products
  • Change of Address Forms
  • Selective Service Registration
Photo of the Post Office interior showing brass PO Boxes and Oak Door.

Hours of operation are available on the USPS Web site. Post Office boxes are also available during the hours that the Helvetia General Store is open.